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A tour to Machu Picchu is exactly what every individual dreams of in their entire life. And why shouldn’t it be that way? Perched high in between the fog-soaked mountains of Peru, these centuries-old relics are deeply embedded in mystery. How were the huge boulders on the tops of the mountains placed? How have the constructs been sculpted to such excellence? And what was the true intention of this mysterious place?

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What are the Northern Lights, and how can you see them all by yourself? If you’re planning a tour to Iceland, this article has everything you need to have the most incredible shot of watching a spectacular show. When considering a trip to Iceland, it is important to keep the Northern Lights at the top of your traveling lists.

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Clinging to the heights of Vietnam’s Hoàng Liên Sän mountainous region, Sapa is renowned for its adventurous treks, spectacular picture clicking spots, and rolling rice terraces. The area is also home to eight ethnic minority groups and has one of the world’s wealthiest cultural networks. So are you ready to take a Sapa trekking tour without a tour guide? Let’s dive in!